Church plants in Essex County and beyond.

What follows is a rough draft of a preliminary plan. Any suggestions are welcome Phil Hamm

Motto / Purpose:  Develop maturity in faith and life.  (Col 1:9 – 12)


Find communities where the population ratio to evangelical church is greater than 1000 to 1.
Determine the needs of the community.  
Initiate practical seminars or programs to meet the needs of these people.  
Set up locations where people can come together and have their spiritual and physical needs met.

Perceived community needs in Kingsville

A Caring Christian Environment in which to grow Spiritually
Day Care – Parental training / relief
Elder Care – 980+ Widows in Kingsville – In home Meals, Home Repair,
Senior’s care – Fix It! Volunteer hours for high school students
Single Parents - Training for Young Mothers in Cooking, Purchasing,
Financial Planning – wise stewardship of money
Develop Relationships – family harmony, spousal harmony
Overcoming problems with blended families, drug dependencies, marriage problems
Anger Resolution
Family communication
Computer training
Youth “jobs” – co-op, volunteer hours for high schools
Bible training – pastoral training and mentoring
Encouraging Home schooling – tutoring

Community events or touchpoints

Seminars – Kid’s program during Seminars and infant care
Home Fellowships
Single moms and drop in center
Christian book store – materials on CD, video, books, cost+
Mom’s program
Men’s program
Book club
Exercise group
Prayer group – pray for people in area phone book. use web for prayer requests and  victories
Clothes Closet, Food Pantry, veggies etc., Excess goods distribution
Equipment Sharing - As good stewards we do not need one of everything per household.  We can share equipment
Community projects for youth during summer ministries
    Compensation based on point system - % of  work, quality of work, agreed upon schedule

Town of Kingsville Religious Groups

Population – 19000
16 Identifiable churches -  (1267 / church) See separate web link
United Church – Ruthven, Kingsville, Trinity, Cottam
Baptist – Kingsville 1st, Cottam, Brooker, Kingsville Ukrainian
Anglican – Kingsville, Cottam,
Roman Catholic – St. John de Brebeuf
Lutheran – Kingsville
Reformed – Albertville
Mennonite – Old Colony
Pentecostal – Calvary Tabernacle, meeting at Brooker

Perhaps one house church

Other groups
Lao Buddhist, Unitarian

Guidelines for a Spiritual Center

1. Biblical – The programs and materials should be above all based on scripture.  Teaching should be holistic in content and take the whole counsel of God.

2. Spiritual – God is a God of miracles and will do wonders even our day and age.
Isaiah 29:13,14a  “ The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honour me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.  Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by me. 14. Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder…”  Salvation, liberation from addictions, building proper relationships,  physical healings etc.

3. Practical – The ministry should meet the everyday needs, physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the community.  Because each community is unique, these needs will vary from place to place.  There is no cookie cutter but there are principles which can be used to launch various programs to meet all the needs of people.

4. “Being” focused – not just doing.  Who we are is more important than what we do.

5. Community – We are establishing a community of believers who are seeking to be connected to God through Jesus Christ.  We are filled with the Holy Spirit and we will allow Him to guide and empower us.  Small groups, cells, care groups or whatever the current buzz word is for caring, interactive home groups are a focal point of outreach.  These groups may take on projects and should be designed to reach out to new people.

Corporate Gathering Format

Testimonies, lively singing, sincere sharing, biblical counsel, short expositions, practical info
Use of song leader – not “worship team” to encourage participation,  keep away from "entertainment mentality"
Use musical skills of as many people as possible.  Allow for learners to become involved.  Not looking for perfection but willingness and good effort.
Worship Times – 1 instrumentalist, 1 mc, 1 song leader, 1 preacher, 1 testimony

Organizational structure

Moderator, assistant moderator, secretary, treasurer, development coordinator, trustee

Message topics
Salvation, spiritual gifts, stewardship, care of household,
Discipleship, leadership
Missions exposure – 1 time per month
Call for Salvation at least once per month

Corporate Worship and Gathering Time – Saturday evening
Rationale –
Others can come who may still be involved in other churches Sunday morning
Gives people chance who are working on Sundays
Gives positive spiritual activity on Saturday evenings
Can have meals together
Leadership development on Sundays


Develop Qualities of Leadership
Develop Standards of Leadership
Leadership model to reflect the needs of the believer’s church.  
Develop leadership position when need arises for such but not before. Find God’s direction when a need arises.  
Develop leaders through discipleship process.
Keep informal and not overly structured.  Allow open input from all believers.
Base leadership on gifts
Develop leadership and discipleship program for ongoing work expansion.
Apprenticeship of (young) people wanting to know God more intimately.

Kinds of meetings at various times

Age level groups – ( Sunday School, Training groups, after school groups, Kids worship and prayer), men’s, couples, women’s, youth groups, clubs
Care Groups – Home groups by geography?  Sunday am or evening
Focus Groups – Ministry Groups
    Focus on social issues, ethical issues, occupational help groups (carpentry, mechanics,  medical, interests, etc.).

Meetings include: Celebrative – multi group meetings, Corporate local group meetings, Geographic – small group meetings, Age-level, and Activity centered focus groups ( sports, ethics, occupational, clubs, social action)

Aspects of the Ministries

Evangelism – Tools for proclaiming the gospel. Tapes, CD’s, written material, Simulcast
Give away as much as possible for “free”. Online materials
Discipleship Training
Bible and ministry training for Adults
Ministry Skills training - sound, computer, web, counseling, creative crafts, preaching, teaching, children’s ministry, music, recording
Gift discovery and use
Ministry Maturity – preaching, teaching, music, evangelism opportunities
Dealing with the past – Moving into the future
    Clearing up past issues like Anger resolution, abuse, dependencies,
Prayer Focus – Prayer online, Log of answers to prayer.
Stewardship and Finances – Sales resistance, bargain hunters
Organizing our lives for the greatest potential
Missions outside the community – world mission, cross-cultural missions
Annual Brainstorming Meetings (retreat for a day)
– setting goals and ministry opportunities (once per year but monthly evaluations.)
Training seminars  – 5 or 6 week blocks of commitment open to other congregations and community.

Children’s Ministry

Singing – Bible truths
Bible Memory – reward system
Bible Lessons
Create stories that communicate what children did when they met certain issues
Teach parents how to teach children.

Men’s ministry

- Monthly meetings
- twice annually special community service project
- Develop materials which can be shared on the following:
Men’s resources – tapes, CD’s, books, workbooks
Accountability partners
Overcoming strongholds,
Community service
Parenting, Fathering,
Loving your wife
Personal Quite times
Counseling – sessions on various issues
Praying for our families
Spiritual Gang warfare – prayer and fasting targets
Blessing our families – The Blessing
“Dates” with children – rites of passage

Values to inculcate

Guided and filled with Holy Spirit
Total dependence on God through prayer
Obedience to the Word of God
Community Accountability
Keep teachable spirit
Use spiritual gifts
Multi-cultural, open to all

Goals of the Fellowship

Debt free – rent or lease until able to purchase
Tent-making ministries for developing life skills in youth and building community
Volunteer work – “Good works”
Look for opportunities to plant new churches within 3 years.(possibly through  care groups)
Encourage people to bring at least one person per year to the fellowship
Mentor and train leaders for outreach and new church plants
Prayer Ministry –  Pray for world leaders, missionaries, new opportunities and ministries in the community and around the world.

Growth Goals

1. Attendance growth
Core – 30 people age 13+, 8 – 10 family units
End of first year – 60 – increase of 30
Average of 1 person per week ( some do not stay)
God added to the early church daily such as should be saved. ( not just weekly)
End of second year – 110 – increase of 50
Third year – 180 – increase of 80
Fourth year – 240 – spawn new work – increase of 90
% of new believers < 2 yrs – 15%
% of not yet believers – 20%,

Conversion growth – 15%
Baptisms – 1st year 8, 2nd year. 18, 3rd year 30 (1/8TH of those that join)
Regular Prayer and Fasting days

2. Financial Goals

1st year - $25000   5 families @ $5000 plus extra giving of others.
2nd year - $120,000
3rd year - $250,000
Giving to ministries outside the fellowship – 25%+

Incorporation in the first year.
Charitable status in 6 months

Name of group –
Bible Fellowship - Mennonite Brethren

Equipment needed
PA, Chairs, Projector, Computer, Keyboard, Copy Machine
Color Laser Printer

Library for local use:
Materials for Training in Mentoring, modeling,
Literature and Multimedia Materials for Spiritual Growth
Literature and Materials for Kids dealing with abuse, separation of parents, purity, anger, self-esteem
General books – autobiography, children’s books, “entertainment books - novels”
Video library, music
Encouragement with Cards


Bible Study Materials
Market place – trade services and goods
Give aways – people wanting to get rid of stuff can advertise
Online sales on cost basis – Godly Music promotion, seminars etc
Counseling issues -
Messages – Sermons and Seminars
Links to godly sites
Audio teaching packets online
Local Groups- community based
Computer Programs -

Software Requirements
Contact lists
Member database, phone directories
Office software forms
Card software for encouragement
Insurance inventory
PDA sync
Facility mapping, usage and booking