Matthew 10 Questions - The 12 Sent Out

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 10:1-4. Before Jesus gave his disciples a work to do, what had he asked them first to do from Matthew 9:37-38?

2. What did Jesus give his twelve disciples? Do you think this was a permanent gift or just a short term one? Have we been given this gift?

3. What did Jesus do before He chose His 12 disciples? ( Luke 6:12-16)

4. What do we know about the 12 disciples/apostles that Jesus handpicked? Why do you think He chose 12?

5. Read Matthew 10:5-10. Where were they supposed to go and what were they supposed to do on their journey?

6. What was to be their attitude when they were an ambassador for the Lord?

7. What were they not to take on their mission trip? Why?

8. Read Matthew 10:11-15. What were they to do when they entered a city or town?

9. What were they to do when they were not received at a place?

10. What happened in Sodom and Gomorrah?

11. Read Matthew 10:16 - 23. What could they expect when they were going about preaching?

12. What does it mean to be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves?

13. What were they to do if they were persecuted?

14. Why might the state persecute a Christian when their desire is to live a pure life, show love to others and reverence to God?

15. What is the meaning of vs 23 - You will not finish going through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes?

16. Read Matthew 10:24, 25 Why should we not think that everything will go well for us?

17. Read Matthew 10:26 - 28. What and why should we not fear?

18. Read Matthew 10:29 - 31. How valuable are you to God?

19. Read Matthew 10:32 - 36. What will Jesus do if we are proud to let people know that Jesus is our Lord? What will Jesus do if we are ashamed of Jesus or deny that we know Jesus? How can we deny Jesus?

20. What can we expect to have happen even in our own families? Why?

21. Read Matthew 10:37-39. How much are we supposed to love and follow Christ? Do you love Him that much? How can you show that love?

22. Read Matthew 10:40-42. What kind of rewards can we as believers receive? What are the conditions?