Matthew 11 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 11:1-6. What do we find Jesus doing again after He has instructed His disciples?

2. Why had John been put in prison? By whom? ( Mark 6:17-20)

3. What had John the Baptist's mission been according to Matthew 3:3?

4. What was John the Baptist asking his disciples to find out about Jesus?

Why do you think he asked that kind of question of Jesus?

Day 2

5. What are some major causes of doubt?

6. Do you ever have doubts or questions about what God does or doesn't do? If so, what can we do about it?

7. What was Jesus' response to the question that John's disciples asked?

8. Read Matthew 11:7-19. What did Jesus say about John?

9. What do we learn about the kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 11:12?

The positive meaning:
The negative meaning:

Day 3

10. What does Jesus expect us to do with His teaching?

11. What false accusations were made against John the Baptist and Jesus? What brought about those accusations/judgments?

12. How could Jesus prove if the accusations were true or not?

13. Do you find yourself sometimes being quick to accuse or criticize people or a group of people? What kind of things do you tend to criticize? What should we do first before we accuse or criticize? Is there a place for discernment?

Day 4

14. Read Matthew 11:20-24. Which 3 cities had seen or experienced miracles of Christ? How had they responded? What was Jesus' response?

15. Which cities had not seen or experienced the miracles of Christ?

16. For which cities will it be easier on the judgment day? Why?

Day 5

17. Read Matthew 11:25-26. What did God hide from the wise and learned and revealed to little children? Why would God have done that? Why would Jesus have praised God for doing that?

18. What was God well pleased with?

19. Read Matthew 11:27. What has God given to Jesus?

20. What is the relationship between God and Jesus?

Day 6

21. Read Matthew 11:28-30. Who does Jesus invite to come to Him? What will Jesus do for them?

22. What does Jesus ask the weary and heavy laden person to do?

23. First Jesus dealt with John's disciple's honest doubt, then with criticism of His lifestyle, then indifference of those who saw Jesus' miracles. Which one pained Jesus the most? Why?