Matthew 14 Questions & Answers

1. Read Matthew 14:1-5. By whom & why had John the Baptist been arrested?

2. a)What had Herod wanted to do John but didn't? Why? (see also Mark 6:20)

b) What does that tell us about Herod?

3. Why did Herod the tetrarch think that Jesus was John the Baptist resurrected? What does this say about Jesus' ministry? How do you think Herod felt when he heard about the miracles Jesus was doing? (see also Luke 9:7-9)

4. Read Matthew 14:6-12.What led to the eventual death of John?

5. What does Herodias' request tell us about her?

6. What do you think this request would do for her daughter?

7. Do you think the death of John the Baptist got rid of the problem, guilt and resolved the issue of an illegal marriage?

8. Do you think this kind of barbaric action could happen today?

9. Read Matthew 14:13-21. What was Jesus' response to hearing about John's death? (See also Mark 6:31)

10. What motivated Jesus to help the people who were looking for Him? What was his response?

11. How many people had come to this lonely place to see Jesus? Why do you think they followed Jesus to the other side of lake?

12. a)What was the disciples' response to the crowds after it was getting late?

b) What attitudes do you think this demonstrates?

13. a) What was Jesus' response to the needs of the crowd?

b) How did the disciples respond to Jesus' command?

14. What did Jesus do to take care of the needs of the crowd? (see also Mark 6:37-44)

15. a) Can Jesus multiply the gift that we give to others?

b) Does that motivate you to give even more?

16. a) How much was left over?

b) What does this tell us about leftovers? Any application here?

17. Read Matthew 14:22-33. Why do you think Jesus was in a hurry to get the disciples off? (John 6:14-16) What did Jesus do after He dismissed the crowd?

18. What are some lessons the disciples could have learned from this experience of Jesus feeding the 5000+ people?

19. Why was Jesus praying alone? What kind of issues do you think Jesus was praying about? Do you think Jesus knew what was going to happen that night? How long was He praying?

20. Why do you think Jesus waited until near dawn before He went out to help them?

21. a) How long would they have been out at sea, most of the time battling a storm?

b) What might have gone through their minds as the disciples battled the storm?

22. What would you think if you saw something coming to you if you were in a boat on the lake?

23. How did Jesus respond to their cries of fear?

24. a) Have you ever cried out in fear?

b) Do you think that Jesus can calm our fears? Do you have any fears? What gets rid of fear?

25. a) Who spoke up in response to Jesus and what did he ask? Why do you think he asked that question?

b) How did Jesus respond to Peter?

26. What lesson did Peter learn about stepping out in faith? What can we learn from this about stepping out in faith?

27. What was the response of the disciples in the boat to the miracle they saw?

28. Do you worship God when you see a miracle or are you just in awe? What kind of miracles do we fail to worship God for?

29. Even though the disciples obeyed Jesus and got into the boat, they faced a storm. Can we face storms too in life even if we are obedient to the Lord? How did God honor the disciple's obedience? Does God honor our obedience too?

30. Read Matthew 14:34-36. Where is Gennesaret on the Sea of Galilee?

31. What happened when word got out where Jesus was?

32. What happened to those who came who were sick?

33. Could that happen today? What is Jesus' real desire to do in our life?

34. How about on a personal level - What is our motive for coming to God or asking for help from God? Is it to get what we want for ourselves or are we willing to have God do in our lives what He wants to do?

35. If you had to summarize what Matthew teaches in this chapter what would the main points be?