Matthew 15 Questions

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 15:1-9. What wrong were Jesus' disciples accused of doing? What had they done? Who made the accusation?

2. What was Jesus' reply to the accusation?

3. a) Do you/we ever think that what our church or denomination tells us has more authority than the Word of God?

b) Do you/we get offended when someone points out that what we are doing because it is part of our tradition is not what the Bible teaches?

c) Do you ever find yourself being hypocritical in your worship? How can we keep ourselves from being hypocritical?

4. Are traditions always bad or wrong?

Day 2

5. Read Matthew 15:10-14. What did Jesus tell the crowd makes a person unclean?

6. How was Jesus' response received by the Pharisees?

7. How did Jesus tell his disciples to feel about or respond to those who don't accept the truth?

8. Read Matthew 15:15-20. Did the disciples understand the parable?

9. What was Jesus' response to Peter's request?

10. What was the meaning of the parable?

Day 3

11. Read Matthew 15:21-28. Where did Jesus leave from and go to?

12. Why do you think Jesus went to a Gentile territory?

13. a)What did the Canaanite woman call Jesus? What did she want from Jesus?

b) How did Jesus respond to the women?

c) How did the disciples respond?

14. Why hadn't Jesus responded to the Canaanite woman?

15. Did the woman get offended and give up? How did the woman respond to Jesus' comment?

Day 4

16. What did Jesus say about the woman's faith and what did he do as result?

17. How did the Canaanite woman show that she had great faith?

18. Can you think of another time when Jesus helped a Gentile? What did they have in common? (Matthew 8:5-13)

19. If Jesus were to describe your faith, what might He say?

20. Would you have been offended if Jesus or another person talked to you the way Jesus talked to the Canaanite woman?

Day 5

21. Read Matthew 15:29-31. It seems like no matter where Jesus goes what happens? What was the result this time?

22. When we minister to people, what should be our goal?

23. What attitude do we often read that Jesus had when he saw a crowd of people coming to Him? How did He show it this time?

24. How long had the people been with Jesus without eating? Could you have gone that long without eating?

Day 6

25. What was the first thought that came into the disciple's minds when Jesus mentioned He did not want to send the people away hungry?

26. How much food was in the crowd this time? How many would it have to feed?

27. What did Jesus do to feed everyone?

28. Was there any food left over?

29. What did Jesus do after everyone was fed?