Matthew 17 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 17:1-8. What happened 6 days after Jesus said that some of them would see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom or royal splendor? Read also Luke 9:28-36

2. What did Jesus and Moses and Elijah talk about? (Luke 9:31)

3. What was Peter's response to what he just witnessed?

4. What happened while Peter was speaking?

5. How did the 3 disciples respond?

Day 2

6. What was the difference between the disciple's responses to seeing Jesus' glory and hearing God's voice?

7. What did the disciples experience after that?

8. Why do you think Jesus took 3 of his disciples with him up on the mountain to see His transfiguration?

9. Can you even begin to imagine how you would respond if you saw Jesus' glory or heard God's voice audibly?

Day 3

10. Read Matthew 17:9-13. What command did Jesus give Peter, James and John as they were coming down the mountain? Why do you think Jesus gave that command?

11. What question did the 3 disciples have for Jesus?

12. What did the 3 disciples learn from Jesus' answer?

13. Read Matthew 17:14-18. Who approached Jesus when He came down from the mountain? What did he want? (Read also Mark 9:17-18)

14. How did Jesus respond to the request?

15. According to Mark 9:21-24 what was Jesus wanting to hear from the father?

Day 5

16. Read Matthew 17:19-23. Why couldn't the disciples drive out the demon? (Read also Mark 9:28-29 )

17. What kind of faith did Jesus say was necessary to be able to do great things?

18. Do you think unbelievers even now despair of help from believers because of our weakness, unfaithfulness and indifference and so they go to the Lord directly?

19. What did Jesus tell the disciples again in Matthew 17:22-23? How did they respond?

Day 6

20. Read Matthew 17:24-27. Did Jesus pay taxes? Why or why not?

21. Do we need to pay taxes? What should be our attitude?