Matthew 18 Questions

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 18:1-11. What question did the disciples ask Jesus? What was His answer?

2. Do you think you have the qualities necessary for being considered great in the kingdom of heaven?

3. What should we do to little children? Why? Give an example of how we can do that?

4. What should we not do to little children? Why?

Day 2

5. Do you think Jesus is just talking about little children here, or could it also mean or be applied to others?

6. What are some things that could cause a person to sin?

7. If you sense that you have caused a little one to sin, how do you make it right?

8. If someone has caused you to sin, what can you do to become free?

Day 3

9. What is Jesus' solution to how to deal with a lifestyle of sin and causing others to sin?

10. Read Matthew 18:12-14. What do we see about the love of the shepherd here?

11. How have you experienced the love of the shepherd?

Day 4

12. Read Matthew 18:15-17. What are the steps Jesus laid out for settling disputes between Christians?

13. Have you ever experienced or heard of these steps being practiced for settling disputes between two fellow believers?

14. Read Matthew 18:18-20. What do we learn about prayer from these verses?

15. Have you ever experienced a time when you prayed with someone else or a group of people that a sinning person in the church will repent so their sins will be loosed from them or bound them in their sin because they refused to repent?

Day 5

16. Read Matthew 18:21-35. How many times did Peter think was enough to forgive a person? Why do you think Peter used that number?

17. What did Jesus say about how many times we should forgive a person?

18. Do we need to forgive a person if they haven't asked for forgiveness yet?

Day 6

19. What is the kingdom of heaven like in these verses?

20. What lesson can we learn from this parable?

21. Are there any people that you need to forgive but haven't yet? What happens if we don't? (Matthew 6:15)