Matthew 19 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Jesus now left Galilee. What area did He go to? Why do you think Jesus is heading in that direction?

2. What did Jesus do in that area?

3. What question was posed to Jesus? By whom?

4. What answer did Jesus give the Pharisees? What is God's ideal for marriage?

Day 2

5. What did the Pharisees say that Moses commanded? Was that true?

6. Compare Matthew 5:31-32, Matthew 19:8-9, Mark 10:11-12, Luke 16:18. What are the differences and why? Why would it be considered adultery if a person remarries?

7. With Christ's sobering answer what conclusion did the disciples come to concerning marriage? Why?

8. Do people have to be married to feel whole? What does Jesus have to say about those who decide to not marry?

9. What should be our attitude towards those who are single, either because they chose that or because they never received a marriage proposal, or have become widowed or divorced?

Day 3

10. Read Matthew 19:13-15. Why did the parents bring their children to Jesus?

11. What was the disciple's attitude towards the parents who brought the children?

12. What was Jesus' attitude towards the children?

13. How do you view children? Are they a bother or a blessing? Do you enjoy taking time for them or are they an interruption?

Day 4

14. Read Matthew 19:16-26. How did the man who came to Jesus think he could get eternal life? What kind of a man was he? (See also Luke 18:18). How did he come to Jesus? (Mark 10:17)

15. What did Jesus say was the way to receive eternal life?

16. How did the man rate himself with what Jesus told him?

17. What was the man lacking?

Day 5

18. How did the man respond to Jesus' answer and invitation?

19. Do you ever feel there is something lacking in your own life? If so, what do you think it might be? What do you think Jesus may be asking you to do about that?

20. Do you have to give away everything you have to receive eternal life?

21. How hard is it for a rich person to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? Why?

22.How then can a person be saved?

Day 6

23. Read Matthew 19:27-30. What was Peter's question to Jesus?

24. What answer did Jesus give Peter?

25. Do you sometimes struggle with the way things are going here on earth? Do you ever feel that you are giving up so much and God is not coming through to reward you for your sacrifice and human efforts?