Matthew 20 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 20:1-16. What is the kingdom of heaven like?

2. Who is the landowner and what kind of qualities does He have?

Day 2

3. What application could the disciples and we make with this parable?

4. Do you feel God owes you something or that you deserve certain things from God?
Do you ever compare yourself with others? Have you ever felt God has been unfair with you and not given you what you deserve or have you been surprised with God's unexpected generosity?

Day 3

5. Read Matthew 20:17-19. Read also Mark 10:32-34; Luke 18:31-34. This is the third time Jesus mentions to his disciples that He as on the way to the cross. What specific details did He give and what emotions did the disciples feel?

Day 4

6. Read Matthew 20:20-28. James and John & their mother came knelt before Jesus to ask a favour of Him. What was it?

7. What did Jesus think of that idea?

8. How did the other 10 disciples respond when they found out what James and John had asked for?

Day 5

9. What lesson did Jesus teach them from that experience?

10. How did Jesus sum up His life? Vs 28 What does that mean?

11. What is your goal in life, for yourself, your husband and for your children? As mothers, are we ever selfish in our motives and goals for our children? No matter what the goal what should be uppermost in our minds?

Day 6

12. Read Matthew 20:29-34. (Read also Mark 10:46-52) What are some things we can learn about these 2 blind men?

13. When Jesus gives you what you desire or ask for, what do you do? Are you thankful and grateful? Do you follow Jesus even more closely and lovingly or do you just go on with life?

14. Do you think there is a parallel between physical and spiritual blindness?