Matthew 22 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 22:1-10. What is the kingdom of heaven like?

2. How many of those invited to this special wedding banquet, accepted the invitation and attended?

3. How did the king respond to this refusal?

4. What was the response of the invited guests this time?

5. What was the response of the king to this insult?

6. What does it mean they didn't deserve to come? Vs 8

7. So did anyone get to enjoy the wedding banquet that had already been prepared?

Day 2

8. Read Matthew 22:11-14. One person didn't get to stay for the wedding meal. How come? What happened to him?

9. How many are called? How many are chosen?

10. What is the meaning behind this parable?

a. Who is the king? Who are the invited guests?

b. What was invitation of a wedding feast a picture of?

c. Who are the servants that go out to call the already invited ones?

d. What does the indifference and hostility of the invited people represent?

Are you indifferent or hostile to God's invitation to a wedding feast put on in honor of His Son Jesus?

e. What were the consequences of the Jews refusal to accept God's invitation?

Day 3

f. Why was the king upset with the one man who was dressed differently? What kind of person does that represent?

Do you feel you should be allowed to come to God on your own terms?

g. What's the garment the King was looking for? How do you get that garment? (Matthew 5:20, Isaiah 61:10, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Colossians 3:12)

Are you wearing the garment God has prepared for you?

h. Who is the only person God will reject?

i. What is the meaning of many are called but few are chosen?

Have you accepted God's invitation to the wedding feast in honour of His Son Jesus?

Day 4

11. Read Matthew 22:15-22. Who came together to trap Jesus? What was unusual about this?

12. What was the trap?

13. How did Jesus diffuse their trap?

14. What was the response of the people to Jesus' answer?

Day 5

15. Read Matthew 22:23-33. Who was the next group of people that tried to attack Jesus?

16. What did Jesus clarify right from the beginning?

17. How did the crowd respond to Jesus' answer?

18. Read Matthew 22:34-40. Who asked the next question? What was the question? What was the purpose of the question?

19. What was Jesus' answer? What does Jesus' answer mean?

Day 6

20. Read Matthew 22:41-46. What question did Jesus ask the Pharisees?

21. What was the Pharisees' response?

22. Did Jesus agree with the answer?

23. How did the Pharisees respond when Jesus asked why David would then have called the Messiah Lord if He was his son?

24. If you could ask Jesus any question, what would you ask Him?