Matthew 23 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 23:1-12. What were Jesus' biggest issues with the teachers of the law and the Pharisees?

2. What was Jesus' warning to the people about the teachers of the law and the Pharisees?

3. What correction & instruction did Jesus give the teachers of the law and the Pharisees?

4. Seeing that the teachers of the law and the Pharisees loved to be looked up to and considered great and be given highest respect, how do you think they would have taken these instructions from Jesus?

5. Do you know of any people groups or religious groups that use Rabbi, father or teacher to indicate respect for someone's position? Is it ok to call our pastor, "pastor"?

Day 2

6. Read Matthew 23:13-32. Jesus gives 7 woes on the teachers of the law and the Pharisees. What is a woe?

7. What are some names Jesus calls the teachers of the law and the Pharisees?

8. What were the Teachers of the Law and the Pharisees doing to receive the first woe? What does it mean?

9. Do we bring people to Christ or a set of rules to follow? Do we allow the Holy Spirit to convict individuals or do we take the role of the Holy Spirit and give them a set of commandments to follow?

Day 3

10. Why does Jesus give the second woe? What does it mean?

11. Are we guilty like the Pharisees, being more concerned about bringing people to church or making them Mennonites than bringing them to Jesus Christ? Do we ever think that our church has a monopoly on God or of His truth or that our church is the only way to God's Kingdom?

12. What does the third woe deal with? What does it mean?

13. Have you ever found yourself trying to get around some responsibility or promise that you made?

Day 4

14. What reason does Jesus give for the fourth woe? What does it meaning?

15. Do we think Jesus would give the same woe to us? Do we do all the right things on the outside - go to church, give our offering, have the right attitude in prayer, do lots of good works, serve on several committees at church, etc. but are bad-tempered, over spend or are stingy with the money that comes in, lazy or not diligent, leave kids at home alone constantly making them feel lonely, etc.?

16. What does the fifth woe deals with? What would Jesus have meant with this woe?

17. Could this kind of thing happen today in our church? Are we giving God a reason to be sad with us because people within the church look good on the outside but are greedy, not honest, proud or power hungry on the inside?

Day 5

18. Why is the sixth woe given? What did it mean?

19. Do we ever portray to be something different on the outside than we are on the inside?

20. What is the seventh woe that is given? Why? What was the history behind this woe?

21. Can you think of a time when your ancestors did something to hurt another group of people or other people, and we as descendants need to go back and make it right?

Day 6

22. In summary, what are the differences between a false teacher or spiritual leader and a genuine spiritual leader?

23. Read Matthew 23:37-39. What will happen to Jerusalem? What is Jesus' response to what He knows will happen in the future to Jerusalem?

24. What can we learn about God, Jesus, man & consequences of rejecting Christ from this passage?