Matthew 24 Questions and Answers

There are many views and speculations about the end times and in what order things happen and who will experience the various events mentioned with Christ's return and the end of the age. Since most views can be substantiated with scripture, for this lesson I would encourage sticking with the text and staying focused on what it says and seeking to understand it. You may end up with more questions than this chapter will give answers for and that is okay. Keep searching and asking God for wisdom in understanding. Enjoy the study!

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 24:1-2. What prophecy did Jesus give to his disciples?

2. Read Matthew 24:3-14. What question did this bring up in the minds of the disciples?

3. What does the "end of the age" mean according to Matthew? (Matthew 13:39-43, 49-50)

Day 2

4. What are some of the things that Jesus mentions that will happen before the end of the age? (Read also Mark 13:4-13)

5. Read Matthew 24:15. What is Jesus referring to when He talks about the abomination that takes place in the holy place that causes desolation?

Day 3

6. Read Matthew 24:16-28. What instructions does Jesus give his disciples if they see the abomination in the holy place happening?

7. What are 2 things that will happen after the abomination in the holy place?
a. There will be calamity.

b. False Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracle to deceive even the elect.

8. In Matthew 24:28 Jesus uses another analogy to show how you can tell that the end is near.

Day 4

9. Read Matthew 24:29-31. What do we learn about what will happen when the Lord returns and how He will return? (Read Luke 21:25-26)

10. Matthew 24:32-34. Who are the signs in Matthew 24:4-25 reserved for?

11. a. What are "all these things" Jesus is referring to in Matthew 24:33?

b. What will be near?

Day 5

12. In Matthew 24:35 how does Jesus once more confirm that everything in God's Word will happen?

13. Read Matthew 24:36-51. When will Christ return? Who knows and who doesn't know?

14. How can we prepare or be prepared for Christ's return?

Day 6

15. Do you think it is today like it was in the days of Noah when he entered the ark? In what ways?

16. Are you watching and waiting for Christ's return? In what way?

17. In a capsule what have we learned about Christ's return?