Matthew 25 Questions

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 25:1-13. What is the kingdom of heaven like?

2. Who do the 10 virgins represent?

3. Why were 5 of the virgins considered wise? Why were the other 5 considered foolish?

4. Why didn't the wise virgins share their oil with the foolish virgins?

5. Who does the bridegroom represent?

Day 2

6. How long would it be before the bridegroom came? What might those who are waiting for Him be tempted to do?

7. What is the most important planning and preparing we can do for the future?

8. What is the consequence of being unprepared for Christ's return?

9. What will be the reward for being prepared to greet Christ when He does return?

Day 3

10. Read Matthew 25:14-30. In this second parable, what is the kingdom of heaven like?

11. Who does the man going on a journey represent?

12. Who are the servants that have been entrusted with his possessions? What does the Master expect from them?

Day 4

13. What is a talent in this parable?

14. When did the man on the journey return? What will he do when he does return?

15. What had the first 2 servants done and what was the master's response?

16. In what way did the third servant attack his master's character? Why would he have done that? How did the master respond to this servant?

Day 5

17. How can we apply this parable to ourselves?

18. Are you utilizing the skills, resources and opportunities God has given you? Do you take advantage of all that God offers to you for the sake of His kingdom?

Day 6

19. Read Matthew 25:31-46. What will the Son of Man do when He comes?

20. Who do the sheep represent and where do they go? Who do the goats represent and where do they go?

21. What 2 titles is Jesus called in this section?

22. Why were the "sheep" blessed and the "goats" cursed?

23. Are you watching out for those in need around you or are you living for yourself? In what ways are you doing that?