Matthew 26 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 26:1-5. What did Jesus announce would happen during the Passover?

2. Where did the chief priests and the elders of the people get together and why?

3. When would it not be a good idea to implement their plan? Why?

4. Read Matthew 26:6-13. Where was Jesus visiting when He was in Bethany? What happened while Jesus was there?

5. What was the response of the disciples?

6. What was the response of Jesus to the disciple's indignation?

7. Some opportunities only come once in a lifetime and if we lose that opportunity to do something lovely, it is missed forever. Have you ever missed a golden opportunity to do something kind or lovely, but missed it because you were too practical?

8. Like this women, it is a wonderful thing to be able to leave the memory of a lovely deed. Are you leaving memories of kind and loving deeds you have done?

Day 2

9. Read Matthew 26:14-16. What was Judas' response to Jesus being anointed by the woman with perfume?

10. Why do you think Judas would have betrayed Jesus?

11. Read Matthew 26:17-30. When the disciples asked Jesus where they should make preparations to eat the Passover meal, what answer did He give them?

12. What unexpected announcement did Jesus make when he was reclining at the table eating the Passover with the Twelve? How did the disciples respond to this announcement?

13. How did Jesus let them know who it was? What did he say about that man?

14. Like Judas we can keep our sins a secret from everyone else, but not from God. Do you have any sins that you are trying to keep a secret that need to be openly and with repentance brought before the Lord for forgiveness?

15. Judas had a terrible plan and Jesus could have blasted him in front of others, He could have had him killed, or He could have done a number of other terrible things to Judas. But what did Jesus do instead?

16. Have you recently made a calculated plan to sin? How did Jesus confront you? What did you do about it?

Day 3

17. What are some of the differences and similarities between the Passover Feast and our communion?

18. While they were eating the Passover meal, Jesus introduced a new way of understanding the Passover. What was it and what is it called today?

19. What is a covenant? What was the significance of this covenant?

20. What kind of hymn would the Jews have sung at a Passover Feast? (Read Psalms 113-118 and Psalm 136) Why do you think these hymns would have been chosen to sing at this time?

Day 4

21. Read Matthew 26:31-35. What did Jesus tell the disciples at the Mount of Olives?

22. What was Peter's bold response to Jesus' statement?

23. What astonishing statement did Jesus tell Peter? How did Peter feel about that prediction?

24. Read Matthew 26:36-46. Why did Jesus and his disciples go to Gethsemane?

25. Here Jesus had to learn the lesson that we all need to learn some place along the way - how to accept what we cannot understand and to learn to say "Thy will be done." Has there been a point in your life when you had to learn these lessons?

26. What did Jesus' prayer consist of? What was the posture He used? How many times did He pray that? See also Mark 14:36.

27. What were the disciples doing while Jesus was praying? What were they supposed to be doing? Why?

28. Have you ever experienced a time when others failed you and didn't give the comfort and support you needed? What lesson did God teach you at that time?

29. What did Jesus do after he finished praying?

Day 5

30. Read Matthew 26:47-56. Who came with Judas to the Garden of Gethsemane? How did he greet Jesus? Why?

31. When Jesus was arrested what did one of the disciples do? Who was it? What was Jesus' response to him? See John 18:10.

32. Was Jesus powerless to get away from the crowd that came to arrest Him? Could He have gotten away? If so, then why didn't He?

33. What was the response of the disciples to all this commotion?

Day 6

34. Read Matthew 26:57-68. Where did the crowd that arrested Jesus take Him? For what purpose?

35. How did Jesus respond to the charges? Were they true?

36. What was the only question Jesus answered? What was His answer?

37. What was the response to Jesus' answer?

38. When had Jesus' "trial" by the chief priests and elders of the people taken place? Why do you think they chose that time of day? Is that when normal trials take place or was that even legal what they did?

39. What is your response to Jesus?

40. Read Matthew 26:69-75. Who was the only disciple that dared to check up on Jesus? How did he do that & why?

41. What did Peter end up doing? How did he feel about that?

42. Can we really point a finger at Peter for what he did? Would we have done any differently if we had been in that situation?