Matthew 4 Questions

Day 1

1. Who led Jesus into the desert? When? Matthew 4:1

2. Why was Jesus led into the desert?

3. Who was the agent of the temptation? When did he come to tempt Jesus?

4. What are some other things we know about the devil from Scripture? (Some other verses to read might be: Genesis 3;14; Ezekiel 28:13-17; John 8:44; John 10:10).

5. What is the difference between a test and a temptation? Who tests and who tempts? What is the end goal of a test compared to a temptation? ( James 1:2-4, 13-14)

6. What do we know from the book of Job about temptations and testings? (Read especially Job 1 & 2)

7. What did Jesus do in the desert? Matthew 4:2

8. What does it mean to fast?

9. What do you think might be a reason for Jesus going on a 40 day fast?

10. What kinds of fasts can people go on? To read more about fasting go to: 7 Steps to Fasting

Day 2

11.How many times did Satan tempt Jesus in this chapter? Was Jesus ever tempted again after this? (Matthew 13; Matthew 16:23; Matthew 26:36-39; Luke 22:28)

12. What was the first temptation that the tempter brought to Jesus and why was it a significant temptation at this point in the life of Jesus? Matthew 4:3

13. What was Jesus' response to the first temptation? Matthew 4:4

14. What was the second temptation? Matthew 4:5-6

15. What was the focus of this temptation?

16. How did Jesus respond to this temptation? Matthew 4:7

17. What is different between the first and second temptation?

18. What was the third temptation and why would it be a temptation for Jesus? Matthew 4:8-9

19. What was the flaw in the temptation?

20. What scripture did Jesus use to overcome the temptation and the tempter? Matthew 4:10

21. What helped Jesus to defeat Satan each time?

22. What does God do when we are able to overcome temptation? Matthew 4:11

Day 3

23. When and where did Jesus start his ministry? Matthew 4:12-13

24. Why had John been put in prison? ( Matthew 14:3-4)

25. Why did Jesus begin his ministry there? Matthew 4:14-16

26. In Matthew 4:15-16, What is Jesus called? ( John 8:12)

27. How does a person, or a place become a place of darkness? (Read Romans 1:19-21)

28. What was the 2 parts of Jesus' message? Who else had the same message? Matthew 4:17

29. What were Peter and Andrew doing when they met Jesus? Matthew 4:18

30. What was Jesus' invitation to the two fishermen? Why do you think this is an appropriate invitation? Matthew 4:19

31. How did they respond to Jesus' invitation? Matthew 4:20

32. Who else joined this new group? Matthew 4:21-22

Day 4

33. What qualities do good fishermen have that would also be qualities needed in fishing for people?

34. How did Jesus "fish for people"? What were the 4 men learning about fishing for people?

35. What did Jesus do around Galilee? Matthew 4:23

36. What happened throughout Syria? Matthew 4:24

37. Where was Syria in those days?

38. What is the implication that Syrians were touched by the ministry of Jesus?

39. Where were people coming from to hear Jesus? What was the result of Jesus' first ministry?

Day 5

1. Have you ever sensed that you have been given temptations to test your faith and make you stronger in God?

2. What doubts has Satan put in your mind?

3. What kind of temptations have you faced? How have you overcome your temptations?

4. How can you live on God's Word? Are you actually practicing "feeding on the Word of God?"

5. Have you ever used scripture to defeat temptations like Jesus did? If so, what scriptures did you use? Or what scripture do you need to memorize in order to overcome temptations.

6. What lessons can we learn from the first temptation and how Jesus handled it? Have you ever been tempted in this way?

7. What lessons can we learn from the second temptation and how Jesus handled it? Have you ever been tempted in this way?

8. What lessons can we learn from the third temptation and how Jesus handled it? Have you ever been tempted in this way?

9. When we are tempted to whom do we turn and how do we gain victory over temptation? ( Hebrews 2:18; Hebrews4:15-16; Hebrews 12:1-3; Matthew 26.41; James 4:7; I Corinthians 10:13)

10. When we have a great victory what do we have to be careful of?

11. Why or when do we not have victory when we are tempted?

Day 6

12. Have you ever tried fasting? for an extended time? If so, for what purpose? Do you think Jesus expects us to fast? ( Matthew 6:16-18 ; Matthew 9:14,15)

13. What are some benefits of fasting?

14. Jesus message was: Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Do we share this message with the lost? Should we be? Would it be understood if we did?

15. Do you think Jesus has chosen you to be a fisher of men, to join His disciple group?" If so, how did you respond to Jesus' invitation to follow Him?

16. What might that mean if we join His disciple group?

17. How do we get a passion to share Jesus with people?

18. Could we do something similar to what Jesus did around Galilee, preaching, teaching and healing people? Is Jesus asking you to serve His kingdom in some way?

19. Does God still heal today?

20. What did God teach you from this chapter that He wants you to apply to your life?