Matthew 6 Questions

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 6:1. What is the difference between Matthew 5:16 and Matthew 6:1?

2. It appears that Jesus is tying Matthew 6:1-18 with Matthew 5:20 showing what the Pharisees righteousness is like and the kind of righteous God wants from us. What are the 3 examples Jesus gives us?

Pharisees acts of righteousness                    The righteousness God desires from us

3. Do you think Christians can still have a problem with being Pharisaical? How about you?

4. What does Jesus say will happen if we follow His instructions on how to do acts of righteousness?

5. The Bible often talks about rewards. Have you ever wondered what kind of rewards we will get - or when?

6. Read Matthew 6:2-4.When we give to the needy, how are we not to give? Why?

7. How are we to give? Why?

Day 2

8. What ways can we personally help needy people? Should we get involved personally or just let agencies do that kind of work? What are the drawbacks and what are the rewards?

If you are married, should you talk this kind of thing over with your spouse?

9. Dave Ramsey suggests that we should set up a fund that we use to give a "random act of kindness" so someone who the Lord might lay on our heart. What do you think of this suggestion?

10. Do you think it's okay to have your name listed as a donor on the wall or to be publically honoured verbally or in writing of a donation you made? Why?

11. Read Matthew 6:5-8. How are we not to pray? Why?

12. From Matthew 6:8, if God knows what we need, why do you think He wants us to pray for these things that we need? Why doesn't He just give it to us?

13. How are we to pray?

14. What is prayer? What is the purpose of prayer?

Day 3

15. Read Matthew 6:9-15. The Lord's Prayer - What was the purpose of the Lord's prayer?

16. Who is prayer to be addressed to?

17. Notice the order of the Petitions. What are the first 3 petitions? What do they mean?

These first 3 petitions have to do with _________________________.

18. What are the next three petitions?

a. Where do our temptations come from?

b. What are some defences against temptation?

c. These last 3 requests have to do with ______________________________

d. Is there anyone you haven't forgiven yet, but need to, so God can forgive you when you sin?

e. What are some of the steps in helping you to forgive someone?

19. Pray the Lord's Prayer, stopping at each phrase and expanding on it to reflect your own prayer from your heart.

Are you experiencing a dynamic prayer life? Is there something that God is teaching you about prayer that He wants you to do?

20. Read Matthew 6:16-18. To the Jews, was fasting important? What are some times when they fasted?

21. What was the purpose of a fast in the minds of Jewish people? ( Isaiah 58:6-11)

Day 4

22. When we fast, what are we not to do? Why? ( Isaiah 58:3)

23. When we fast, what are we to do? Why?

24. Have you ever taken time to fast? What kind of rewards could we expect when we fast? What are the benefits of fasting?

25. Read Matthew 6:19-21. What is a treasure? What treasures do we store up here on earth or invest in? What kind of things should we not treasure?

26. Do you think we collect too much here on earth?

How can we keep material things from becoming more important than spiritual things?

27. How do we store up treasures in heaven? Who do we store up treasures for in heaven?

28. Where is your treasure? How will that affect how you live on earth and how you will feel about leaving this earth?

Day 5

29. Read Matthew 6:22-23. From the context what do you think Jesus is referring to?

30. What does it mean that the eye is the lamp of the body?

31. How can we fill our body with light from God? ( Exodus 34:29-35)

32. What does it mean to have good eyes? Evil/bad eyes? What are the consequences of each?

33. Read Matthew 6:24. How does a person serve God? How does a person serve Money? Why can we not serve both? ( 1 Timothy 6:9-10)

34. Read Matthew 6:25-34. What should our life focus be? What should it not be on? ( Hebrews 13:5)

35. What happens when we are focused on the wrong things?

Day 6

36. Do you ever worry? What do you worry about? Does worrying do any good?

37. Why shouldn't we worry?

38. What should we do if we do start to worry? How can we defeat worry?

39. Do you think that our children can become obsessed with the right clothes, vehicles, class of home?

40. How can we teach them to value helping others and being willing to sacrifice wealth and pleasure for the kingdom's sake?

41. Have you ever experienced God supplying all your needs when you were focused on seeking God's Kingdom - seeking to do God's will?

42. What promises are there for people obsessed with God?

43. What has been meaningful to you from this chapter that requires a response from you?