Matthew 8 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 8:1 - 4. What did Jesus do when he had finished teaching?

2. Who approached Jesus and how?

3. What was the leper's request? What was Jesus' response?

4. Do we have untouchables in our society that we need to wrap around with the compassion of Christ? Who are they?

5. Do you think that God still heals like that today? If God would do miraculous healings today what do you think would be required?

6. What was the leper asked to do after he was cleansed? (see Leviticus 14:2-32)

Day 2

7. Read Matthew 8:5-13. Who came to Jesus on behalf of one of his household? Why was this unique?

8. What did Jesus offer to do?

9. What was the centurion's response?

10. Why do you think that Jesus was so awed and astonished at this man's faith?

11. What do you think verse 11 and verse 12 refer to?

12. Was the servant healed? If so, when?

Day 3

13. Read Matthew 8:14-17. What happened when Jesus arrived at Peter's house? According to Mark 1:29-31, when did this event occur?

14. What happened that evening?

15. Jesus never was too busy to serve others. Do you ever feel you are too busy or tired to help others?

16. Why do you think that Matthew recorded these miracles? Where is the quote from?

Day 4

17. Read Matthew 8:18-22. Why do you think that Jesus would have left the crowd to go to the other side of the lake?

18. What miracle happened in these verses? What was Jesus' response?

19. What is the meaning of Matthew 8:21-22?

20. What kind of disciple are you? Are you following Jesus completely right now? Is there anything holding you back from a total commitment to Christ?

Day 5

21. Read Matthew 8:23 - 27. What happened while Jesus was travelling across the lake?

22. How did the disciples respond?

23. What two rebukes did Jesus speak?

24. Have you ever felt rebuked by Jesus? Why?

25. Why were the disciples amazed?

26. Have you ever been amazed by something that God/Jesus did? Give an example.

27. What is the meaning behind this miracle?

Day 6

28. Read Matthew 8: 28 - 34. What happened when Jesus arrived on the other side of the lake at the country of the Gadarenes?

29. What was the character of the two men who met Jesus?

30. What did they cry out? What does this tell us about the demons? Matthew 8:29

31. What did the demons ask of Jesus? What do you think this tells us about the demons? Matthew 8:30

32. What happened after they entered the swine?

33. What did the keepers of the pigs end up doing?

34. Why do you think that the people asked Jesus to leave the area?

35. Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking, "I don't care or I don't worry about what happens to anyone else, as long as my family, my possessions or profit or comfort are not taken away."

36. In this chapter 6 miracles were recorded. Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life? If so, what did Jesus do?