Matthew 9 Questions and Answers

Day 1

1. Read Matthew 9:1. What city do you think is referred to as "his own town?" ( Matthew 4:13)

2. Read Matthew 9:2-8. How many men brought the paralytic to Jesus? ( Mark 2:3) What was Jesus' response?

3. Do you know anyone that needs to be brought into the presence of Jesus for salvation or healing of some kind?

4. Why do you think Jesus said his sins were forgiven?

5. Have you ever experienced or know of someone who became ill because of a "sin"? Eg. Holding a grudge, unforgiveness, worry, fear, immorality, etc. What needs to happen in a case like that?

6. Who accused Jesus of blaspheming against God? Why?

7. What did Jesus call those thoughts?

8. What did Jesus do to prove his ability to forgive sins? How do you think this proves his point?

9. What was the crowd's response to Jesus' miracle of healing?

Day 2

10. Read Matthew 9:9-13. How did Matthew end up becoming a follower of Jesus? Would you have chosen him to be one of Jesus' followers? Why or why not?

11. Are there people who may be waiting for an invitation, but we like the Pharisees think that they would not at all be interested in spiritual things so we don't invite them to follow Christ or even to come to church?

12. When Matthew chose to follow Jesus, what did he lose or leave? What did he find and take with him?

13. What may we lose or find if we chose to follow Jesus?

14. Who joined Jesus at Matthew's house? How do you think this influenced these "sinners?"

15. Who took issue with Jesus and His disciples eating at Matthew's place with other tax collectors and sinners? Why?

16. What was Jesus' 3 responses? What did each of those responses mean?

17. Jesus is indicating that the Pharisees weren't trying to help or bring sinners to repentance? Are we? How do we do that?

Day 3

18. Read Matthew 9:14-17. Who questioned Jesus about his disciples not fasting? Why?

19. What was Jesus' response? What does that mean?

20. Since our bridegroom (Jesus) is gone, have we made fasting a part of our spiritual walk? Do you think this is important? Why or why not?

21. What does Jesus' illustrations of the patch on an old garment or new wine into old wine skins mean?

22. How do we get a whole new biblical world view, God's way of thinking, or mindset?

23. What philosophies and understandings have you had to change as a result of studying the Bible and having a relationship with Jesus?

Day 4

24. Read Matthew 9:18-31. In the 3 healings that happened, what is the common thread between them?

25. What can we learn from these 3 healings if we want to see a healing happen?

26. Matthew 9:18-26. What kind of a person would a "ruler" have been?

27. What was this ruler's name? Mark 5:22


28. What were funerals like in eastern cultures?

29. What did Jesus tell the noisy mourners to do when he came to Jarius' house? How did Jesus describe the condition of the young girl? What was their response?

30. What happened as a result of Jesus healing Jarius' daughter?

31. Matthew 9:20-22. How do you think Jarius felt when Jesus was interrupted and delayed by someone else's need? How would you have felt?

32. Is there anything you need healing for if only you could touch Jesus? Can you touch Jesus and receive healing today?

What made this woman whole?


Does faith guarantee that we will be healed immediately? What is the key to God's healing?

His sovereignty.

Day 5

33. Read Matthew 9:27-31. What was the cry of the two blind men? What does that say about their understanding of who Jesus was?

34. What did the blind men want? What did they get?

35. What was the test Jesus gave these men?

Why do you think He asked this question?

What did they call Him in their response?


36. After the 2 blind men were healed what strict command did Jesus give them? Why? Did they obey?

37. Read Matthew 9:32-34. What is the difference between the story of the demon-possessed man and the other 3 previous healings?

38. How was the man affected by the demonic spirit?

39. Do you think people are possessed by demonic spirits today? How could we identify that kind of person? How could you help such a person?

40. What was the response to Jesus healing the demon-possessed man?

Day 6

41. In Matthew 9 we find 4 accusations made against Jesus that are the beginning of the charges that will bring about His death. What are they?

  1. Matthew 9:1-8 - The teachers of the law are accusing Jesus of blasphemy because he claimed to do what only God could do. Blasphemy means to insult or slander, so they were accusing Jesus of insulting God because he claimed to have the very powers of God which they felt he had no right to claim.
  2. Matthew 9:10-13 - Jesus was in effect accused by the Pharisees of being immoral because he kept company with tax collectors and sinners. This caused the Pharisees to not like Jesus so it t would now be easier to misinterpret and misrepresent everything he does and to claim He has false motives.
  3. Matthew 9:14-17 - Jesus was accused by the legalists that he since He was not keeping the religious disciplines, therefore He was not really holy or religious. He now fell under their criticism and suspicion.
  4. Matthew 9:31-34 - Jesus was accused of being in cahoots with the devil. The Pharisees ascribed the healing of the mute man after the demon was driven out as a result of association with the devil.

42. Read Matthew 9:35-36. Where did Jesus go? What did Jesus' public ministry mainly consist of? ( Matthew 4:23)

43. How did Jesus respond when he saw the crowd of people in Matthew 9:36? Why?

44. Read Matthew 9:37-38. What was Jesus' solution to the problem He saw before him?

45. How can we prepare for the harvest? Are you ready for harvesting? What do we need to do to be a worker in God's harvest fields?