Nehemiah 11 Questions. Populating Jerusalem

1 Introduction: If you were asked to restore the spiritual life of a city what strategy would you use?

2 How did Nehemiah finalize the plan which God had put on his heart (7:4)?

3 What percentage of the village people where asked to settle in Jerusalem? How was it determined who should move to the city? Prov 16:33

4 Why might people not want to live in Jerusalem? Why might this be a good thing for them to do?

5 What would happen if we did not have elected or appointed leaders with invested authority?

6 How would the priests, Levite, gatekeepers and the others be fed?

7 Where did some of these people have to go to farm their crops? What might happen to their fields while they were in Jerusalem?

8 What was the main plus of living in Jerusalem now that the wall was up?

9 What did the singers do? What was laid out by David and Solomon in the temple worship?

10 How did the king help out?

11. It appears as the people from a certain clan, settled together in an area of the city and they had one of their own to give them leadership. How is this a good thing? What would be the negatives?

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