Nehemiah 12: Dedication of the Wall

1 Introduction: What is the greatest celebration you have attended or seen? Describe the event or bring in pictures to show the group.

2 Why do you think Nehemiah waited so long to do the dedication of the wall?

3 Who did Nehemiah seek out to head up this celebration?

4 What do you think motivated Nehemiah to form two large choirs to give thanks and start at opposite ends of the city to finally come together at the Water Gate?

5 How do you think they rejoiced? V.43

6 What did Nehemiah do after the celebration was done? V 44 ff

7 Why was this so significant?

8 How do you feel about the feeding and care of priests, Levites, Musicians and Gatekeepers? What were the portions required by the Law( v. 44; Lev 27:30; Dt 18:8)

9 What were the commands of David and Solomon for the temple workers? See 2 Ch 8:14; 1 Ch 6:31; 23:5;

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