Nehemiah 3 - Teams Begin their Work

Try to read through the whole chapter before you come to the study.

1. Introduction: What was the best team that you every play or worked with? Why was this a great team?

2. How did Nehemiah organize the groups? (The area of their greatest concern or interest)

What were some of the occupations which were mentioned in this list?

3. Who were the first ones mentioned that started to rebuild? How many sections did they complete? When they finished each section what did they do?

4. Look at the map of the gates and who was responsible for that part of the wall. What do you notice about the way the work was done? (v 10)

5. Who was next to the first team? Where were they from? Why do you think it was appropriate for them to work this section?

6. How many teams were there in total?

7. What kind of attitude was there among some of the rich from Tekoa (southern Judah). What does this tell us about getting everyone involved?

8. Where were the teams from?

Note: v 7 - help from the governor of the Trans- Euphrates to whom Nehemiah had delivered a letter for safety along the way to Jerusalem.

9. What does this show us about having team work to accomplish a big task?

10. What was the role of women and children?

11. Who did Shallum get to help him with his section? ( v 12)

12. How can we apply this principle of division of labour in our church for projects?

13. What do you see as the significance of the words, "over against his house" or "beside his house"

Neh 3:21-23; 28-30 How do you think this helped with the overall strategy especially when opposition arose?

14. What kind of co-operation can we expect form people for certain projects?

15. When some got their assignment done, they went on to another ( v 11, 19, 20) What does it tell us about their willingness? Is there a lesson for us today?

16. Has the Lord laid any projects on your heart that we should as a group work together to accomplish?

17. What percentage of the members are active in the work which the church in engaged in?

18. How can we apply this principle of division of labour in our church for projects?

19. How might this be changed to include everyone - even the "rich nobles".

Application Question:

20. Considering the way Nehemiah organized the people for the work, if you had a chance, how would you organized the people in your workplace, in a ministry you are involved in, or in the church? Why do you think this reorganization would be effective?

21. List the groups and where they are working on the following map.


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