Nehemiah 4 - Opposition from the Enemy & Perseverance

1. Introduction: Have you ever had a project that you felt like giving up on but paid dividends when you stuck it through?

2. Why is persistence important as a Leader? What is the opposite negative quality? How can be develop the quality of persistence?

3. Whenever God's work is protecting God's people, opposition seems to rise up to defeat and de-rail the work. What was the nature of the opposition? Why do you think Sanballat and Tobiah were seeking the demise of the rebuilding of the wall?

4. How did Nehemiah counter the opposition? What was his first line of defense?

5. What did Nehemiah see as the solution to the opposition according to his prayer?

6. What was the response of the people in verse 6?

7. What was the next plan of the enemy?

8. How did Nehemiah respond to this second threat? How was morale of the people at this point?

9. There was a third response by the enemy - what was it? Why do you think Sanballat and company were angry? Note the progression of the opposition.

10. What was the response of the people building the wall? How did Nehemiah organize to counter this threat? How did he organize the people?

11. How did Nehemiah rally the people and keep the project on track? What two things did he do?

12. On whom did Nehemiah keep the focus ( v. 4:9, 14, 20)

13. Nehemiah had a sidekick who would rush to the place of need and sound the alarm. Do we have friends that can help us in the hour of need?( v. 4:18)

14. The battle lines are drawn and every person was ready for battle - they had their swords, spears and other weapons ready beside them. Are you equipped for the spiritual battle that is raging? Do you carry your weapons with you? ( Eph 6:11 - 18; 2 Cor 10:4, 5)

15. How do you respond to opposition? Do you get distracted, challenged to work harder, give up, get frustrated, complain, seek new solutions, trust God more, etc...

16. What kind of opposition have you faced? How did you respond to it?

17. What challenges is the church facing? What kind of solutions has God given you to overcome these challenges? Are you busy overcoming?

18. When we run into roadblocks sometimes it is important to discuss the problem with a brother. Is there a brother that you can share your heart with?

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