Nehemiah 6: The Perfect? Trap

1. Introduction: Have you seen someone caught in a "trap" or moral dilemma that seemed to be rationally the right thing to do but in fact was a violation of God's word?

2. What was Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem's last effort to thwart the completion of the rebuilding of the wall? What tactics did they use as recorded in v 2 - 7

3. Read what they had done some years earlier when Ezra had attempted to rebuild the city. Ezra 4:11 - 23

4. How did Nehemiah respond? Why could he not be intimidated?

5. What other tactic is recorded here in Chapter 6:10-14?

6. How can we be discerning and withstand false counsel?

7. Even after the walls were completed and the doors were in place, what did Tobiah continue to attempt to do to Nehemiah?

8. How was Nehemiah able to successfully oppose the enemy? (Note that he was appointed and sent as governor from King Artexerxies himself and had been one of the most trusted servants in the personal service of the king as cupbearer. His godly character and loyal service in Susa had earned him trust. Thus the king would not fear rebellion by Nehemiah.)

9. What kind of trials have you faced? Has anyone attacked your character or attempted to belittle what you are doing for the kingdom of God? How do you think God wants you to handle that situation?

10. How would you handle people who compare your ministry to that of some other well known leader in an attempt to intimidate you?

11. What key character qualities should we be demonstrating?

Extra Challenging Questions:

12. In reviewing Nehemiah's work since he first arrived in Jerusalem ( Neh 2:11 - 6:19) make a list of his character and leadership skills. Which of these characteristics do you believe are true of you at the present? What plans can you realistically begin to implement now so as either to improve on or develop the other qualities seen in Nehemiah?

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