Nehemiah 7: What is your Spiritual Heritage?

1 Introduction: Everyone bring in their family tree.

2 What was the last thing to be done once the walls were completely rebuilt?

3 What influence can our ancestors have on our current condition? What influence can we have on future generations in our family?

4 After the wall was completed, what did Nehemiah get organized? Do you think that this is a reaction to the rumours which were circulating about Nehemiah wanting to be King?

5 Why did Nehemiah gather the people together? What did Nehemiah attribute this next step to?

6 Has God put something in your heart? Have you been able to successfully complete it yet? Could you share it with the group? Is there anything we as a group can do to see this "heart thing" become reality?

7 What happened to priests who were not able to determine their family lineage? What were the excluded from?

8 What was purpose of the Urim and Thummim? What was it used for according to this section of scripture?

9 How did this "census" help Nehemiah?

10 What was given to the temple for its ministry? What was the breakdown of the giving? What is the value of these gifts in today's terms?

11 What kind of spiritual heritage do you have in your family history? Do you think that your forefathers laid a good foundation for your family? What are you doing to lay a good foundation for those that follow after you?

12 Think of your spiritual heritage. Who lead you to the Lord? Do you know any more about that spiritual lineage? How did your spiritual parent become a Christian? Are you leaving a spiritual family tree?

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