Nehemiah 8 - Revival

1 Introduction: How would you start a revival?

2 When did this next event take place? What did the people get together for? Can you imagine people getting together for that today? Why do you think there was such a hunger? Neh 8:1

3 Why do you think it was difficult for some people to understand what Ezra was reading? v.8:2

4 They assembled early ( daybreak ) and Ezra read until noon. Can you imagine sitting in the hot sun listening to the Law of Moses being read for 5 or 6 hours?

5 At which gate did this happen? Is there any significance to this Gate?

6 Do we have the same respect for the word of God today?

7 How did they worship God? (V. 6) What are the elements of worship? What part did music have in their worship?

8 Why were the people weeping when they heard the Law of Moses? When is the last time you experienced such deep remorse?

9 Why did Nehemiah and Levites encourage the people to celebrate with food and drink and to share with others? V. 10,11

10 What was to give the people strength? Can you imagine a people who had worked so hard to get the walls done. They would have been exhausted and somewhat fearful. How would this have impacted the people?

11 What happened on the second day of the month (Tishri)? Where did this idea come from and what was it's significance?

12 What was Ezra doing daily during this festive time?

13 How long did this celebration last?

14 What are the festivals in the Jewish Calendar and what are their significance?

15 Should we be celebrating the festival times like the Jews did? What should the focus of these celebrations be?

16 What is Worship? What is required to "worship"? What can we learn about worship from this passage?

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