Nehemiah 9: God's loving kindness

1 Introduction: Have you ever been part of a day of prayer and fasting? Would you be interested in participating in one?

2 The previous chapter talked about celebrating - what is the theme of this chapter?

3 Why did the Israelites fast and wear sackcloth and have dust on their heads? When is the last time you fasted?

4 How did they start the day?

5 What wickedness of their fathers were they confessing? Why confess the sins of our parents?

6 What did they do for the first quarter of the day ( 3 - 4 hours)?

7 What did they do in the next quarter of the day?

8 What was their worship like? What did they do at the end of their worship?

9 If we were to draw up a modern day worship message like that of the Levities what would it look like? Do you know the history of God's provision to "your people".

10 What attributes of God does this passage extol. (9:5b - 37)

11 When did the Israelites have problems with disobedience?

12 What was God like when the Israelites disobeyed His Law? Was He vindictive right away? What attributes of God are demonstrated? V 33

13 Why did the Israelites wander from the gracious and loving God? Does this still happen today? What needs to happen for this to change?

14 How does God bless us? What happens when we forget God's goodness to us? How do people go their own way today?

15 What kind of "binding agreement" covenant with God do you think we should draw up and sign?

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