Becoming a Disciple

To become a disciple of Jesus Christ means to give our life to God and obey what the Bible says. To become a disciple is an act of our will, a choice to put away the past and move toward the future. We all want to end up in heaven. How do we get there? Our society knows about Heaven and Hell because God revealed some information about these to followers who wrote it down on parchment, these were gathered together and eventually through translations we have a collection of God's revelation in the Holy Bible. Christians believe that we have God's complete revelation in the Bible. To be a disciple is process which continues throughout our existence here on earth. It starts by confessing that we are not naturally good people and because we have rebelled against that which God has said even before we were old enough to really understand we need to re-establish our relationship with God. God said, " The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life" If we would continue in disobedience, we would be eternally separated from God. The only way that our disobedience can be forgiven is by asking God to forgive us. We do not merit God's forgiveness and we cannot become "righteous" by our own efforts. In the early books of the Bible, we read that disobedience could only be forgiven by the substitutionary death of a lamb. When Jesus Christ came to earth about 2000 years ago, he became the lamb of God who died on the cross and rose again and returned into heaven. In that process he took your sin and mine and became our substitute and died so that we would not have to die for our sins. When we ask God to forgive us because of what Jesus has done for us, we are "born spiritually" and are given God's Spirit, called the Holy Spirit, to guide us in our spiritual walk.

Discipleship Program

We are told in Philippians 2:5 “ Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”  We are to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our North American worldly culture has infiltrated our thinking so that much of North American Christian thinking is not based on Biblical ideas but on speculation, sensuality, materialism and even eastern religious thought.  To reprogram our minds to come to a biblical mindset or worldview requires diligence and dedication. The foundation is the Bible.

We are all on a spiritual journey.  Every person has areas in which he/she needs to grow spiritually. That growth will be different for each person as we are unique individuals.  Thus it is my desire to present to you individual plans for growth.  Some topics are foundational to build into your life.   The responsibility of the elders in the church is to “keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account.” Hebrews 13:17  Thus there needs to be a plan to help others to grow one step at a time and give encouragement.   We need openness and honesty.  We need to set aside time to be with God and listen to Him. The problem in today’s society is not doing what is good but what is best. Do not ask what is wrong with something but is it the best possible. Keep stretching and God will reward you.

The foundation of our understanding is the holy Bible – God’s only authorized revelation to people. All our understanding must come from the context of the passages and although a single verse or phrase from God’s Word can become a special revelation or guide (“rhema”) to us we must always interpret the Word of God in its context and be careful that we do not take verses out of context.  God’s Word does not contradict itself so we must interpret scripture in light of scripture.

Solomon said centuries ago that there is nothing new under the sun. What you can find at this web site is not new. It is just some tools and links to help disciples of Jesus Christ grow in their spiritual walk and become strong believers. I trust that the power of the spirit will be upon you, you will be anointed with wisdom and power to do what Jesus has asked us to do to tell the world the good news that there is freedom in Jesus Christ.  There is hope, joy and love in our gospel.