Suggestions for the development of understanding of the core concepts!

Find someone or a Bible Study group that will hold you accountable for your commitment to learn more about this core concept and meet weekly.

Set out a time to work on this project on a regular basis, (every day at __ for __ minutes, or if beyond your devotions, every week on day of week at time of day, or every month on day of month etc.) and a target date when you would like to finish this project. Ask yourself when you can commit yourself to spending 2 - 20 hours each week for this growth and time for Christ plus your accountability time.

Make a commitment together to make this meeting a priority and do everything in your power to make it happen. It is better to sacrifice time and personal comfort if necessary to show your seriousness to Christ to make your personal spiritual growth happen. You will be rewarded in time for this sacrifice.

Realize that you do not have to do an exhaustive thesis on the topic you have chosen. You can come back to any of these basic concepts any time in life and take another growth spurt on the current or any core concepts.

1. Define your project in manageable sections.

    Don’t bite off more than you can chew. (Like the termite who felt a little bloated when he exclaimed, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” in talking about the house he just finished off.)

    Write down the questions you have about this topic and find answers from the Bible for these questions.


2. Recall and Reflection:

  Think about everything that you have learnt about this concept. (Write it down or type it out if you can.)

  What Bible stories or verses do you remember about this topic?

  How has this concept related to your life to this point.

  Review this topic if you have covered it before.

  Commit yourself to go deeper in your relationship to God through this current study.


3. Research:

  Do Bible word searches for the topic using a concordance or online search.

  Organize verses that you find on the topic

  Find examples in the Bible that help you understand this concept.

Other suggestions:

  Look up current books that relate to this topic

  What verse(s) spoke to you? Memorize key verses or the key points so that you can quote them to other members in your accountability group

  Find someone who you believe has a strength in this area and ask them to help you to understand this concept.

  Look up this topic on the web. You need to be very discerning in this process because there are things on the web that may have lacked discernment before being posted or may even be contrary to scriptures.

  On the web at there will be a number of suggestions for each topic. (this is expanding as God gives insights )

  Listen to music that has this topic in the lyrics.

  Compose a poem or song about the topic.

  Draw pictures that relate to the topic.

  Create a Bible Study that relates to this topic to share with someone else.

  Create a sermon on this topic.



4. Relate it to your life:

  How is this topic going to draw me into a closer relationship with God?                                      

  When and how am I going to apply what I have learned to my life?

  How can I use what I have learned to build up others?

  Organize the information so that I can share it with others



5. Response:

  The Key to successful discipleship is personal growth and application of the information to my present personal situation.

  From this point on, how is this concept going to transform my life?

  Make a covenant to allow this concept to transform your life.





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