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God loves the Impossible

Luke 1:37

God loves the impossible. Some of the most profound statements were made with the coming of Jesus. I believe one of the greatest verses is found in Luke 1:37. I was wondering what the original Greek had to say in this verse and it opened up a whole new meaning to this verse.

Literally translated the words are: because not will be impossible with\by the God all words (rehma). Because every word will not be impossible with God. Most of our translations generalize this to say, “Nothing is impossible with God.” This misses the significance of the word which is spoken by God.

The in the Greek there are two words used for “word”. Many of you may be familiar with the term LOGOS - that Greek word used for a ship which brought the word of God to many countries around the world. This is also the term which is used of Jesus in John 1:1 to show that he was the son of God. Whereas logos is a more general term rhema is a more specific message. In this verse we have the word Rhema

It is always important to work from the context of a passage. The angelic messenger was telling her that her cousin who was never able to have children was now pregnant even though she was beyond the years when women are able to give birth to that wonderful new life. The joy of holding her own young one in her arms, caring and nurturing that precious life, and seeing that young man or woman blossom into an adult had not been Elizabeth’s privilege nor did she ever think that it would be. What a shock after years of seeking to receive God’s blessings to suddenly have your life transformed by the miracle of conception. It appears that Elizabeth had not let anyone, not even her close relatives know of God’s blessing.

Mary probably had some doubts that what she was hearing was true. She would not be able to confirm the truth of the angel’s message for a few days but that would only add to the full impact of the word which was now coming to her. She had received a special message from God and this would carry her through the trials which would be coming her way.

Perhaps some of you have received a special word from God - revealing a special truth which transformed your life. I do not suggest that we need to be ever searching for a rhema from the Lord but as we read the Bible certain verses speak to us and meet our need at that precise moment in time. I believe it is good to look for specific answers from the word of God. Times when I have struggled with life’s problems - God has spoken through his word.

I am sure that the message given to Mary was as perplexing to her as it is to us today. Never before in human history was a child born with out the uniting of the male and female. We marvel at the event which produced a child from the “seed of a woman” - a direct fulfillment of the first prophetic utterance in Genesis 2:15. The virgin birth has in the past lead some to believe the bible is full of myths, fairy tales and legends. Some have turned from the faith because of such miracles. The people who hold that the word of God is inerrant, believe that these verses are fact and marvel at the power of God. It is unfortunate that so many have scoffed at the concept of the virgin birth but today science has been able to clone animals using just the egg which comes from the female. Science is showing us that it is possible to bring forth life from a single cell. If science can do this today with their limited knowledge of the workings of the human body why do we doubt that an all powerful, all knowing creator could have performed this miracle of life from a single cell.

Another unique highlight in the original Greek is the double negative in the verb. The Greek has “not will not be possible.” The original verb is the verb to have power, to be able to do, “dunemeo” from which we get words in English like dynamite, dynamo, and dynamic. The Greeks made words negative by adding a letter A in front of a word. In English we have words like amoral. This special construction in the Greek puts a special emphasis on the fact that absolutely nothing is impossible with God. I wanted to check out the word impossible in the scriptures to find out if anything was impossible and I found out that there are a couple things which scripture says are impossible. First of all, Hebrews 6:18 says it is Impossible for God to lie. Second, also in Hebrews (11:6) it says that it is impossible to please God (without faith).
If God cannot lie, he will be able to do anything. What a marvellous promise.

What kind of spiritual dreams do you have? What do you think God could do through you? 1 Corinthians 2:9 says, “ Eye hath not seen, nor ear hath not heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared for those that love him.” How much do you love God. Do you love him like Mary? Are you prepared for some miracles to happen in your life? What spiritual goals can you visualize? Can you visualize a family member who is wayward turning back to God? I can. Can you imagine the joy of seeing hundreds turn their hearts to Christ because of your witness? I can. Can you see people who have been touched by your words of encouragement going out into the world and helping to transform the lives of hundreds or thousands of others? Maybe you can. Could you do that yourself? Why not? You just put God in a box and I hope that you unwrap Him by Christmas so that you can experience that greatest time in your life this Christmas. May we take the time to spend with God in prayer.

I am excited about the focus being emphasized for the congregation to get together and pray. I would suggest that you do that not only with your special prayer partner but do it as a family. Do not just pray bless me prayers but let us learn to pray world shattering prayers. Remember God can do the impossible, God does the impossible, God will do the impossible and God loves the impossible. The impossible becomes possible with God and starts with you and your dreams and prayers. Are you ready for the impossible?

Before God will do fantastic things through you there are several things which need to happen in your life. First you need to get on to God’s wavelength. Mary was used of God in a mighty way to bring his son into the world. What can we learn about Mary so that we can be used of God like she was to bring tremendous blessing to the world in our generation.

There were a number of outstanding character qualities we see in Mary. She was morally pure. Even after they were married she did not have physical relations with Joseph until at least 40 days after Jesus was born. (Leviticus 12:2 ff) Young people - if you want to do outstanding service for God you need to keep yourselves completely pure morally and devote your energies to serving God and not the flesh.

Mary was a humble servant. Can we say like Mary did - “God whatever you have in store for me - I’m willing and ready.” Remember that no one has seen or heard, nor has anyone even dreamed about what God could do through you. God has given us such unlimited potential if we would only give ourselves over to his service and forget wasting our time on so many of this world’s distractions. I cannot say with a sincerity and complete honesty that I have practiced what God’s word teaches and what I God is prompting me to share with you this morning. I am just as needy of this Word from the Lord, this valuable rhema as most of you are this morning.
I would plead with you not to let anything stand between you and the dreams and visions which God is giving you. Fulfill the vision which God is giving you this morning.

Can you think of at least one person for which you should pray daily. Can you think of one political leader you can pray for daily. Could you call, write a letter or communicate with those God is prompting you to love into his kingdom or be a spiritual support for? Don’t let anything stand in the way of doing the great things God wants to accomplish through you. Go after the vision God has given you. Use the gifts which God has entrusted to you. Seek the help of others and share your dreams with your family and praying friends. God can do the impossible, God is doing the impossible, God will do the impossible and God loves the impossible. No eye has seen or ear has hear, nor mind has conceived what God has in store for those who love him. What a great promise from a God who will do everything but lie to us.

Dec 21/96