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Prophesy of Christ as Mighty God

Scripture Verse: Isaiah 9:6

People are looking for power. Some young people thing that power can be had through building a strong body and excelling in sports. Others think that they will become famous if they can excel school and have a high place in society. Power is like money the more we have the more we desire. Many people who have power use it in the wrong way and make trouble for many people. Power tends to cause people to be proud and selfish. So the more power a person has the worse he becomes unless he has strong guiding principles found in the Bible. We do not seek for power but we give to empower others.

Most of us wish we had more power. We feel that we are weak and of not much good. However the way to get powerful is to be faithful to God. He is the source of power and the best kind of power is spiritual power. Jesus was called the mighty God. As the mighty God he will give us spiritual power to help us and guide us in life.

Isaiah in 9:6 is claiming that Jesus the Messiah will be the mighty God in the flesh. There are many who have questioned whether Jesus was in fact God. Jesus claimed that the was one with God (Jn. 10:30) Those that honour him honour God. (Jn. 5:23) In Jesus day there were those who honored him as God and those who rejected him. Those that rejected him found that their lives were full of hate and envy and pride. Those who followed him had their lives transformed. Take the example of Saul of Tarsus. He hated those who believed in Jesus. He tried to kill every one of them. On the road to capture Christians, he met Jesus in a powerful beam of light. From that time on he loved even his enemies and preached about Jesus, the one who could save pople from their pride and sin. Saul used his power for good and for God.

Thomas did not believe that it was possible for Jesus to come back from the dead and to speak to the disciples. One day Jesus appeared in a locked room and Thomas cried out, " My Lord and My God." (Jn. 20:28) No matter how many reject Jesus in ignorance it does not change the facts. Jesus is God. As God we are to worship and glorify him. The writer of "Ben-Hur" a book and a movie, General Wallace, did not believe that Jesus was the mighty God. For six years he investigated and at the end he said, "I have come to a deliberate conclusion that Jesus Christ was the Messiah of the Jews the Savior of the World and my personal Savior." If people honestly seek for the truth they will find Jesus did not lie but told the truth when he said he was the true God. Thousands of other intellectuals have researched and found this to be true. Why not just accept that truth and receive the power to change today.

Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons do not believe that Jesus is God. However they twist scripture they cannot change the meaning in I John 5:20. Here Jesus is called the true God and eternal life.

Can you imagine a little baby in a manger being called a mighty God. That certainly seems strange. Jesus proved He was the mighty God. Scripture tells us that Jesus used His mighty power to create the world. Col 1:15,16 In Jesus ministry He revealed His power in the miracles of healing and power over evil spirits. (Mk 6:2,5) Jesus did many miracles when He came to this world. He not only healed the sick and drove out the evil spirits but He also forgave their sins. This is one of the greatest miracles of all - to see someone who is changed in his/her life. It is wonderful to see a life filled with fear and hate changed to someone who is loving and peaceful. To me that is even a greater miracle than a cure for cancer or AIDS.

The greatest act of power occurred when Jesus conquered death and was raised from the dead. A few people believe death is the end of everything. Most people believe that there is something after death but none have the power in themselves to overcome death. Only Jesus has conquered death. As a Christian, the exciting thing about this is that the power which raised Christ from the dead is at our disposal to use to do good and help others. Eph 1:19,20.

Paul prayed that the believers in Colossae would be "strengthened with all might according to his glorious power unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness." Colossians 1:11 The mighty power of God available to the believer who trust Jesus. God gives us the strength to meet the challenge of living. He gives us strength when we think that we are too tired to do anything else. I am sure that some of you ladies get tired of washing dishes and clothes. You get tired of cleaning up and keeping everything in order. When we are tired and struggling let's keep our eyes on Jesus who will give us endurance and patience to joyfully carry our responsibilities. He will make us mighty (powerful) to do every good work. (II Cor. 9:8) We have power not just in spiritual activities but God helps us in the ordinary things of life as well.

He gives us health when we are weak and restores us. Jesus will give us everything we need. II Cor 9:10.11 , Phil 4:19. God has many promises to his children to give them power and strength. Have you experienced that power? You can have God living in you giving you the strength you need. It begins by confessing that God is the source of all power and asking him to come into our lives and living in our spirit. Jesus is knocking at the door our heart and asking if we will let him in. ( Rev. 3:20) Have you let him in? If you haven't just take a moment right now to ask him to come into your heart and change your life so that you can experience his power in your life.

We must realize that it is by God's grace that we are who we are. (I Cor 15:10) In ourselves we do not have much strength. We will always find someone stronger and faster than we are. Someone who is wiser or more spiritual than we are. We cannot compare ourselves to others but we must realize that we are weak in many areas of life. When we admit this, we are admitting that we need God. When we turn to God for help He can help us. Until we turn to God and ask Him, we will not receive God's special help that He gives to those who are humble. In fact God works against those who are proud who think that they can do everything by themselves. God is looking for believing people through whom He can direct His almighty power into a world that is falling apart. God doesn't expect us to go around with bottles of super glue to patch things up He wants us to rebuild our lives and the lives of people around us. We cannot just change a few of the external things and go on with our old ways of thinking. (New wine skins not patching old ones Mt 9:17) We must be transformed in our thinking and our hearts. We must be transformed at the very core of our being. Then God will work through us. II Chron 16:9 says that The eyes of the Lord run to and from throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. The perfect heart is one who has had his sins forgiven and is completely trusting in Jesus.

Jesus is the mighty God and his power is available to each one. He will live in our hearts if we ask him. If you have never asked Jesus to come into your life and forgive you, please do that today. Don't put it off if you want an new and exciting life. God will give you much more than you even dream. Ephesians 3:20 "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,

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