Discipleship is a dynamic and growing relationship with the triune God. Discipleship begins with seeking God, repenting from sin, loving God, accepting God’s invitation for a relationship with Him, developing a biblical world-view (getting to know the Bible so well that it permeates our thinking and actions ) and living a life in which we use all our energy and spiritual gifts to please God in our thoughts and actions.

Being a growing disciple means that we develop the gifts of the spirit (Gal 5:23,24) and use the spiritual gifts, skills and abilities that God has given us to build up His people and seek to introduce as many people as possible to God’s family. Who we become (character and relationship with God and others) is more important than what we do.

We do not need another program or book on discipleship, we need a process of individual growth and accountability. A program sets out a structured set of lessons that corals everyone into the same program and does not allow for the 100% uniqueness of the state of disciples. Programs are a hit and miss approach. You hope that you are dealing with the problems that are common to man and that everyone in the group is going to absorb something from the prescribed program that you are feeding them with. We use statements like - someday you might need this, someone you know will need this ... for a program approach. What I want is something that is meaningful and of interest to me NOW. The now factor is individual discipleship.

This process is somewhat structured but totally unique in that each person works at where they want to grow in their relationship with God. This is structured in that topics are outlined so as to give guidance to each person in their pursuit of God.

Determine your spiritual understanding; where you are strong or where you are weakest. This will help you understand where you need to work at your core spiritual understandings.

>Rate yourself from 1 – 10 ( 1 being least, 10 being most)


Discipleship Questionnaire

1. I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God


2. I would rate my knowledge of the Bible as …


3. I know at least 10 names of God and what they mean


4. I understand and have experienced salvation through the atonement of Jesus Christ.


5. I know what the role of the Holy Spirit is in the life of the believer.


6. I know what scriptures teach about what the Holy Spirit does in the unbeliever.


7. I know what the Bible says about what will happen at the end of this world and the return of Christ


8. I believe that God created mankind in His Image and know man’s purpose here on earth.


9. I know what my purpose is here on earth and am actively following God’s direction to do it.


10. I know how to study the Bible and study it daily


11. I have memorized a verse and meditated on it in the last month.


12. I take time to thank God when He answers my prayers


13. I know about the spiritual power that God has entrusted to me.


14. I am not afraid of death because I know that I have eternal life.


15. I know how to explain to someone how they can become a Christian and do it.


16. I know what the Bible teaches about finances and giving and am practicing them.


17. I willingly help the poor, needy, widows, single parents and single parent kids.


18. I fast and intercede for the furthering of the kingdom of God.


19. I have an accountability partner who I pray with and share my burdens.


20. I know what my spiritual gift is and use it to glorify God.


21. I obey every command that Christ has taught.


22. I know what it means to Love God with all my heart soul and mind and practice it.


23. My life displays the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control.


24. I work at developing character qualities which will honor God and develop my spiritual gift.


25. I have a clear conscience. I have forgiven everyone I know who has wronged me.


26. I have read through the book of Proverbs and know how to be discerning.


27. I regularly practice the 13 One Another passages in the New Testament.


28. I want to share my faith with others and have brought others into the Kingdom of God.


29. I get along with all my family, forgive them when they hurt me and love them unconditionally.


30. I have purposed to be an example to others in speech, life, love, faith and purity







Look at the questionnaire and find five questions that you believe God is wanting you to explore, learn and apply.







Take one item at a time and study the scripture passages related to the core belief, practice or character associated with it. See the lists below.


Find verses or information that helps you to understand and put into practice the topic you have chosen. See the document “Suggestions for the development of understanding of the core concepts” for ideas on how to research your topic.


Once you have completed working on the current set of  priorities, go through the questionnaire again if necessary to choose another 2 priorities. You may repeat one of the topics again if you wish to.

What are the core Beliefs, Practices and Virtues we are to know and practice in our walk with Christ?


Core Beliefs (B) - Learning


B1. Bible - Sole Authority, Proof of Reliability, How to interpret and study the Bible, Bible knowledge

B2. God - Personable and Knowable, Names, Qualities and Work of God

B3. Salvation through Jesus Christ only way to Heaven, Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Repentance

B4. Holy Spirit work in lives in Believer, in world

B5. Christ – His Character, His work before, during and after his time on earth,

B6. Man Made in God's Image, God uses his people to accomplish his mission on earth (the church)

B7. Authority of the Believer - Position in Christ, Priesthood of All Believers, Faith, Power

B8. My purpose in life is to do God's will.

B9. The Future – End Times, Eschatology


Core Practices (P) - Doing


P1. Bible Study and Meditation

P2. Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving

P3. True worship

P4. Stewardship and Sacrifice

P5. Fasting and Intercession

P6. Sharing of Personal Faith

P7. Community and Mutual Accountability

P8. Use Spiritual Gifts

P9. Service -Helping those in need physically, emotionally, and spiritually - locally or international


Core Virtues (V) - Being


V1. Love = Obedience (Commands of Christ)

V2. Fruit of the Spirit

V3. Character Qualities

V4. Clear Conscience & Pure Heart

V5. Discernment and Prudence, Wisdom

V6. One Another Passages



Relating the Questionnaire Questions to the Core Beliefs, Practices and Virtues


1. Bible - Sole Authority, Proof of Reliability (B1)

2. Bible Understanding (B1)

3. God - Personable and Knowable, Names, Qualities and Work of God (B2)

4. Salvation through Jesus Christ only way to Heaven, Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Repentance (B3)

5. Holy Spirit work in lives in Believer, in world (B4)

6. Holy Spirit work in the world (B4)

7. Return of Christ, Eschatology(B9)

8. Man - Made in God’s Image, God uses his people to accomplish his mission on earth (church) (B6)

9. My purpose in life is to do God’s will. (B8)

10. Bible Study (P1)

11. Scripture Memory and Meditation (P2)

12. Praise and Thanksgiving, Worship (P3)

13. Authority of the Believer - Position in Christ, Priesthood of All Believers, Faith (B7)

14. Salvation (B3)

15. Sharing of Personal Faith (P6)

16. Stewardship and Sacrifice (P4)

17. Service -Helping those in need physically, emotionally, and spiritually – locally or international (P9)

18. Fasting and Intercession (P5)

19. Mutual Accountability and Community (P7)

20. Use of Spiritual Gifts (P8)

21. Love = Obedience (Commands of Christ) (V1)

22. Love = Obedience (Commands of Christ) (V1)

23. Fruit of the Spirit (V2)

24. Character Qualities (V3)

25. Clear Conscience & Pure Heart (V4)

26. Discernment and Prudence, Wisdom (V5)

27. One Another Passages (V6)

28. Witnessing (P6)

29. Clear conscience and a Pure Heart (V4)

30. Being an example of a godly life (V4)


I would recommend that you get an accountability partner(s) to make sure that you follow through on your commitment. If you do not have any one you could turn to help you, I would be glad to be of assistance and pray for your success as a disciple.

For more suggestions on how to learn more about how to study these core concepts, go to the Suggestions page

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email  philhamm @ growingdisciples.org


If you have any suggestions as to how this can be improved, I welcome feedback.


Phil Hamm – Servant of Jesus Christ

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