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This is Kid's Land.

The Canadian Bible Society has a great site for kids
Lots of Bible Stories to listen to

We also want to give you an opportunity to send us
prayer requests if something is bothering you and you want us to pray about it.
If you have a problem you can write in and we will help by answering your questions.

Want to Learn about the Bible and Bible Course (Mail Box Club) for Kids and Teens at ubdavid.org
Songs and Stories by the Donut Man

Interested in reading some good stories on line? Check out Hans Christian Andersen's stories
A lot of biographies and stories are here

Focus on the Family has a wonderful site that has great character building content.

We are developing links to all kinds of growing experiences. As we have time we will develop some valuable stories and if you want to help by submitting something useful that you or someone you know has created, send it to the webmaster and he will see if we can include it. Give some info about the project you are submitting.

We will be putting things on line like recipes for play dough or dump cake, pictures to color, stories to read and songs you can listen to and learn.
We will be putting information about A great book on Chraracter called CodeRoad by Jean Konrad.
Y'all come back and find out how this site is growing.

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